Second draft in the books. Auction this time, and this is my second year in this keeper league. I fell ass backwards into the finals in 2016 and ended up with a second place finish. But this time #IHaveGary.

Second year (2nd place in 2016.)




Pitching: K/QS/W/SV/ERA/WHIP

Roster layout:

C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, 1B/3B, 2B/SS, 5x OF, UTIL, 9x P, 3x BN, 2x DL

And the roster:

7Noah Syndergaard (K)SP$13.00
15Xander Bogaerts (K)SS$15.00
23Justin Verlander (K)SP$8.00
31Christian Yelich (K)OF$8.00
39Rougned Odor (K)2B$10.00
47Carlos Carrasco (K)SP$10.00
54Gary Sanchez (K)C$10.00
58Jonathan LucroyC$14.00
69Andrew McCutchenOF$27.00
70Carlos Santana1B, DH$11.00
77Matt Carpenter2B, 1B, 3B$18.00
78Adrian Beltre3B$27.00
96Khris DavisOF, DH$10.00
99Justin UptonOF$10.00
101Ian Kinsler2B$15.00
102Jose QuintanaSP$16.00
103Mark MelanconRP$5.00
110Adam EatonOF$5.00
111Roberto OsunaRP$2.00
124Carlos RodonSP$4.00
126Dallas KeuchelSP$7.00
137Matt HarveySP$4.00
142Jameson TaillonSP$1.00
150Adrian Gonzalez1B$1.00
151Rich HillSP$6.00

(Keepers are marked with a K, duh)

I’m pretty happy with this team, too. I actually made a budget and a plan, but then promptly forgot everybody else in the league is a lunatic who does extreme stars and scrubs lineups. Hence my first actual pick being Lucroy, in what was an attempt to drive up his price a few more bucks. (That said, I will totally take Lucroy for $14.)

The patience paid off in the mid-late rounds I think, where I was able to pick up Carpenter and Beltre for less than I thought, allowing me to spend a bit more on pitching that I originally planned.

Also full disclosure: This is only an 8-teamer.