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Month: July 2017

At The Break: Quick Looks Back And Forward

Oh whoops I had a whole week to write a retrospective on the first half and a preview of the second half but baseball is back tonight and I am bad at time management lol. It’s my lunch break so lets go read some of my musings about the team prior to Opening Day, and then I’ll predict what happens in the second half.

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Home Runs and the Limits of Viability

The 2017 season so far seems to have amplified every storyline written about baseball for the past two years. Home Runs! Strikeouts! Pitchers breaking! I want to focus on the first bit because dingers own, but also because there’s several very interesting guys out there playing right now who are testing the limits of what a team will put up with in terms of “traditional” production. Let’s look at two of ’em.

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