All is lost! Everything is terrible! Billy Joelstradamus was a prophet!

The Yankees season is doomed I tell you! They’re 5-5!


Wait, what? 5-5? That means they’ve only played- *pulls out adding machine*

*types furiously*

*keeps typing furiously, brow furrowed*

Ten Games.


That can’t be right, everybody is losing their minds. The team is a bust, Boone should be fired (into the sun.) Giancarlo Stanton needs to be shipped back to Miami for a bag of balls, he’s terrible, right?!

My first thought upon seeing that is “Well yeah, the 3 homers will do wonders for his OPS since it’s a very small sample size” and well, yeah, it’s been ten games people. But I mean, this is completely unprecedented for Giancarl-


Yes, it’s been five incredibly frustrating losses to get the Yankees to .500 on April 9th, but it’s also April 9th. There are 152 more games to play and this team isn’t a .500 team, we all know that. It’s currently an injury shortened, playing in winter temperatures group of guys who aren’t firing on all cylinders yet.


And if you disagree with that assessment, honestly why would you even be upset? If the team is really a true-talent .237/.334/.412 hitting one then you can’t even be disappointed, because they weren’t going to have a winning season anway. This is something that I’ve thought about lots of the Yankees-related complaints from fans the last couple of years and I’m sure there’s ome gaping logical flaw in my defense but if you say “This team isn’t going to win anything the hitting is bad, the pitching is bad, they can’t play” then my only response can be “Well, duh.” You can’t trade or buy your way out of that and it’s time to burn the whole thing down and start over. How many of you really think this team can’t hit or pitch?

In fact, even this current team that can’t play has put up the 4th best offensive fWAR, and 3rd best pitching fWAR so far in those ten games. So, that doesn’t seem so bad now, does it? And compare their 5-5 with the Dodgers 3-6. If I told you the Dodgers were cooked and would only finish above the Padres in the NL West, would you honestly just nod and agree?

I’m not saying you can’t get frustrated at how things are going, I wanted to kick my coffee table over after that marathon loss on Sunday. All I’m asking for is some perspective when you want to make that game into a whole season.


So really everybody, take a few deep breaths and we’ll talk in June.