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Author: Asher Dratel

Swinging With Brett

Brett Gardner has been at the center of more trade rumors than probably any Yankee in the 7 years he’s been with the team. All year, you’ll hear about who he could be moved for and why he needs to be moved, and why he sucks, and why he’s actually great, and on and on.

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The Yankees Roster Is Kinda-Sorta Set(?)

With Opening Day tomorrow, the Yankees 2017 roster has been pretty much set. It’s not very surprising, really…
(I’m gonna base this off of the depth chart from the Yankees website even though it’s not actually technically official.)

Spooky floating heads!

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The Assman Cometh

I am so glad to be done with fantasy drafts. This draft kicked off in the late rounds of the Yo Soy Gary one, which was…less than ideal. Thankfully they weren’t both auction drafts. Also this is a $20 league with fellow baseball nerds from the Something Awful Forums so a manic, aimless draft seems to fit.

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Bienvenidos a Yo Soy Gary

Second draft in the books. Auction this time, and this is my second year in this keeper league. I fell ass backwards into the finals in 2016 and ended up with a second place finish. But this time #IHaveGary.

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Meet Danny Espinosa’s Facial Hair

First draft down. This is the big money league, and it also involves beating my younger brother and all of his friends so it’s a pretty big deal.

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So About These 2017 Yankees

Two seasons ago I wrote a Fanpost for Pinstripe Alley titled “Did The Yankees Punt On 2015?” As is customary when it comes to headlines that end with a question mark, the short answer is “No.” Re-reading it now is like opening a weird time capsule and I hope I never have to write anything about Stephen Drew ever again, but the point is that I thought the 2015 team could be sneaky good and then ended up watching them play in the Wild Card game (they lost but let’s move right on from that.) I have a feeling the 2017 iteration of the team is being undersold as well.

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Why Team Israel Matters

Ok so let me set the scene for you as I write this: it’s 11:45PM on a Saturday. I’m sitting on my couch in Brooklyn wearing my Team Israel hat, my fridge contains leftover Chinese food from earlier today. I’m throwing the Team Israel v Team Cuba game to my TV via the Chromecast. The location, hat, and fridge content asides are for those of you who doubt my Jewish baseball credentials.

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