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It’s Not Just The Trade Deadline

The new, lump sum trade deadline has come and gone and the Yankees moves are listed below:

To quote a very well known proverb: It’s not what you want.

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Calibrating Your Panic Meter

All is lost! Everything is terrible! Billy Joelstradamus was a prophet!

The Yankees season is doomed I tell you! They’re 5-5!

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I Was On A Podcast!

Check it out, babby’s first podcast spot.


Requiem For A Joe

The Yankees declined to re-sign Joe Girardi Thursday, ending a decade’s worth of managing the team capped off by a totally improbable run that went all the way to game seven of the ALCS. This offseason, he’s not alone in looking for a job after successful years with a successful team.

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Punching The Ticket

In 2015 I went to the AL Wild Card game with my brother. We were excited, maybe the Yankees could pull this off! Sure they had stumbled into the postseason like somebody doing a treadmill program who decides he’s ready to actually run outside (no of course that’s not autobiographical why would you think that?) but hey, they were still here! The last Yankee postseason game I went to, I got to witness Derek Jeter snap his ankle in half, so it had to go better than that, right?

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At The Break: Quick Looks Back And Forward

Oh whoops I had a whole week to write a retrospective on the first half and a preview of the second half but baseball is back tonight and I am bad at time management lol. It’s my lunch break so lets go read some of my musings about the team prior to Opening Day, and then I’ll predict what happens in the second half.

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The Antihero Tanaka

Hey do you guys remember the salad days of Spring Training? Back when Greg Bird was batting .451/.556/1.098? And Masahiro Tanaka had a 0 ERA? Those were good times.

Here are Tanaka’s current numbers:

6.34 ERA, 5.18 FIP, 4.08 xFIP, 4.03 SIERA, 4.78 DRA. A whopping 2.07 HR/9, good for 4th worst in the sport, behind only Bronson Arroyo, Ricky Nolasco, and Jordan Zimmermann.

Yeesh. Not very good company.

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On The Rated-ness of Derek Jeter

I realize this is a super-timely post now, what with Derek Jeter‘s number retirement/monument park ceremony being…around two weeks ago now. I’m not a timely guy.

But anyway, I wanna wade right into the midst of a nice, civil, objective, and totally not at all hyperbolic subject: The over, under, or properly-ratedness of one Derek “#re2pect” Jeter.

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Swinging With Brett

Brett Gardner has been at the center of more trade rumors than probably any Yankee in the 7 years he’s been with the team. All year, you’ll hear about who he could be moved for and why he needs to be moved, and why he sucks, and why he’s actually great, and on and on.

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The Yankees Roster Is Kinda-Sorta Set(?)

With Opening Day tomorrow, the Yankees 2017 roster has been pretty much set. It’s not very surprising, really…
(I’m gonna base this off of the depth chart from the Yankees website even though it’s not actually technically official.)

Spooky floating heads!

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