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It’s Not Just The Trade Deadline

The new, lump sum trade deadline has come and gone and the Yankees moves are listed below:

To quote a very well known proverb: It’s not what you want.

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Left Out In The (Gerrit) Cole.

Hey kids, don’t procrastinate. I’ve been meaning to write this article about Gerrit Cole since last year and now it’s way, so far behind the curve that I had to use the terrible pun you see up top rather than the equally as bad “The Stove Is Cole” that I previously had in the draft. But whatever, it’s 2018 and Cole is a Houston Astro. And I’m actually pretty OK with that, really.

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At The Break: Quick Looks Back And Forward

Oh whoops I had a whole week to write a retrospective on the first half and a preview of the second half but baseball is back tonight and I am bad at time management lol. It’s my lunch break so lets go read some of my musings about the team prior to Opening Day, and then I’ll predict what happens in the second half.

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